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If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, being able to finally identify the elusive cause for the often diminished quality of life may come as a welcome relief.  You are finally able to understand the reason behind generic symptoms like pain, ache, tenderness, difficulty sleeping and extreme fatigue. But now what? Traditional treatment with pharmacological management can yield variable outcomes. It may take a combination...
Posted on 2017-04-21
Cancer is among the leading causes of illness worldwide. Everyone knows someone affected by this frightening, debilitating and sometimes terminal disease. Many cancer patients undergoing treatment are left feeling weak and exhausted. Simply getting up in the morning, keeping up with children or grandchildren and remaining social can often seem like herculean tasks, much less the greater physical challenges of keeping the body active through exercise. The truth is that maintaini...
Posted on 2017-03-22
Have you ever experienced a discomfort that manifests itself as an uncomfortable stiffness, tightness and sometimes even a sharp or a dull back pain? At times you think it may be your uncomfortable office chair, a lumpy mattress, an old pillow, or maybe that really intense work out session at the gym?  It could be...... or perhaps it could be the very clothes that you are wearing that are the real reason behind your back pain!  That’s right!  It could be yo...
Posted on 2017-03-22
You know that delightful feeling that you get when after a long day of walking in uncomfortable shoes, you finally get the chance to take them off and step onto the soft carpeted floor? Footwear today is not only a powerful fashion statement; it is also a reflection of important social and political influences. What’s the deal with Women, Shoes and Foot Pain? It is “painfully” obvious the damage that the wrong pair of shoes can do to your feet and even you...
Posted on 2017-02-27
If you are currently or have ever suffered from chronic back pain, you know how much it impacts your quality of life. It most likely affects you when you are being active and even when you are relaxing in the position that once used to be comfortable. According to The Canadian Chiropractic Association, 5 in 10 Canadians suffer from back pain and spend more time in their doctors’ office seeking help for back pain than any other health concern apart from high blood pressure...
Posted on 2017-02-15
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