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You know that delightful feeling that you get when after a long day of walking in uncomfortable shoes, you finally get the chance to take them off and step onto the soft carpeted floor? Footwear today is not only a powerful fashion statement; it is also a reflection of important social and political influences. What’s the deal with Women, Shoes and Foot Pain? It is “painfully” obvious the damage that the wrong pair of shoes can do to your feet and even you...
Posted on 2017-02-27
When I first graduated almost 30 years ago, not many people had even heard of orthotics much less knew what purpose they served or where they could get them.  In those days, there were only a handful of orthotic manufacturing companies and as student interns in the school Chiropody Clinic, we were tasked with evaluating, prescribing, casting and hand manufacturing all types of orthotic devices for our clinic patients.  This was a very practical skill that certainly did not ...
Posted on 2016-11-23

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