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If you are pregnant, you are probably going through one of the most joyous and physically trying periods of your life. Aside from adapting to your new shape and increasingly limited mobility, you might also be prone to experiencing excruciating sciatica pain. Consider yourself fortunate if you have evaded this type of agonizing, shooting pain up to now. But what can you do if pregnancy causes compression of your sciatic nerve and you are advised to stay away from anti-inflammat...
Posted on 2017-02-14
Children and teens benefit from improved physical fitness in countless ways.  Aside from the obvious health and energy benefits; higher self esteem and improved body image are key factors that enhance well being. Childhood obesity and Diabetes is on the rise.  We complain that they seem fatigued and lack energy. Our kids spend more time indoors with technology and less time outdoors engaging in physical pursuits.  Parents are rightfully concerned for the health ...
Posted on 2017-01-18
Most patients will seek out the services of a Physiotherapist after having experienced an injury or to assist in recovery from surgery.  But there is a persuasive case for seeking Physiotherapy PRIOR to Surgery.  Pre-surgical rehabilitation can assist with any number of surgical procedures including Orthopaedic, Cardiac and Abdominal Surgeries. Orthopaedic Surgery: If you, a family member, friend or co-worker is scheduled for upcoming the surgery, you may be wise to consider Pre-Surg...
Posted on 2016-11-08
It is a sad fact that many patients, regardless of whether they suffer from chronic back pain or not, return from a vacation needing the services of a Physiotherapist. While travelling from one destination to another is more convenient than ever before, it certainly isn’t more comfortable.  Airline engineers design planes for maximum load capacity and safety, not maximum comfort.  This means tight seats and minimal leg room.  Also airports have become mini-cities with kil...
Posted on 2016-09-15

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