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Senior Fitness

CanadaPhysio promotes and encourages the inclusion of fitness and exercise at all seasons of life. Exercising for seniors is crucial because it can go a long way towards preventing and minimizing the adverse effects of many chronic diseases.   Regular exercise lowers the chances of injury and improves one’s overall well-being.

At CanadaPhysio, we will often see Seniors start to exercise for the first time in a long time! Sometimes this exercise program is adopted as treatment for an injury, illness or weakness of some sort.  We also see newly retired Seniors taking on fitness regimes, now that they have more time to focus on themselves.   While this is to be of course encouraged, the most important thing to take note of is that care must be taken when initiating a fitness regimen later in life. Exercise that is too rigorous or not done properly can put great stress on an older body. The will and desire may be there, but Seniors need to know how to properly begin and progress with an exercise program that will have a positive impact on their flexibility, strength, balance and endurance.  The last thing you want to do is cause yourself harm.

As your One-Stop Rehabilitation partner, we can create an appropriate fitness program for you and provide you with instruction on how to safely perform, modify and progress through your personalized program.  You can then carry on with it at home, at your local gym or in our clinic gym facility.

Contact your nearest CanadaPhysio Clinic to inquire about this program of care.

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