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Slip and Fall

A slip and fall describes a usually preventable accident in which someone falls and sustains an injury.  While many slip and fall accidents are relatively minor and patients are able to bounce back with a short course of rehabilitation treatment; some slip and fall accidents can leave you seriously injured and profoundly debilitated.  CanadaPhysio therapists will evaluate your injuries and create a personalized treatment plan for your recovery with achievable goals.  Our therapists will progress you through your treatment.  Due to the fact that many serious Slip & Fall accidents result in the initiation of an insurance claim or legal proceedings, it is important that you receive treatment at a clinic that not only has a tremendous understanding of the treatment protocols and expectations but is also experienced in the procedural documentation that is required in these matters.  Many Personal Injury law firms confidently refer their Slip and Fall patients to CanadaPhysio clinics due to the quality of care that their patients will receive. 

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