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CanadaPhysio- Insurance Coverage


Frequently Asked Questions about Fees and Insurance Coverage:

  1. Does OHIP cover any services?

    CanadaPhysio is not an OHIP clinic.  OHIP is no longer the primary payer for rehabilitation services in Ontario and only a very small number of clinics remain that accept OHIP.  Attendance at these clinics is very limited to patients who must meet specific criteria in order to qualify for treatment.  Treatment is limited to a specific number of sessions over a set period of time.  The criteria for treatment at an OHIP clinic is:

    • Patients must be 19 or younger
    • Patients must be 65 or older
    • Post-hospital stay of at least 24 hours
    • ODSP or Ontario Works Benefit Recipient
    • Must have a physician’s referral

    Please speak with our service co-ordinator who will assist you in determining if you qualify for treatment at an OHIP clinic.


  2. How do I know what coverage is available through my extended health benefits?

    Every extended health benefit plan is different and coverage will vary from plan to plan.  CanadaPhysio service co-ordinators can provide you with assistance in determining what your coverage criteria and eligibility requirements entail.  With your permission, we will contact your plan provider and will work with your plan to provide you the best strategy for plan utilization. Overlapping scopes of practice between services like Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Chiropody mean that a multi-disciplinary clinic like CanadaPhysio can provide you with many coverage and treatment options.  CanadaPhysio takes the time to investigate all these options for you so that you can get the treatment that you need.


  3. I am a student over the age of 19.  If one of my parents has extended health benefits, will it pay for my treatment?

    If you are a full time student still living at home, most parental extended health plans will pay for some or all of your treatment.  Let our service co-ordinators investigate what options are available to you.


  4. I am a College/University student living on my own.  Do I have any plan coverage?

    Many College and University students are unaware that their schools include health benefit plans as part of their student fees.  Let CanadaPhysio assist you in determining what benefits are available to you through your school plans.


  5. Common questions about Motor Vehicle Accident  (MVA) insurance:

    Q: What treatment am I entitled to receive if I have been injured in a car accident?

    A: Ontario Insurance Laws allow for a minimum of 12 weeks of treatment for anyone who has been injured in a car accident.

    Q: Does it matter if I was the driver or passenger?

    A: Treatment is available to anyone who was injured regardless of whether they were the driver or passenger.

    Q: Must I attend a clinic recommended by my insurance company?

    A: The patient ALWAYS has complete freedom to select where they choose to receive treatment.

    Q: If I have car insurance, why must I also use my extended health benefits to pay for some of my treatment?

    A: Ontario Insurance laws require that private insurance (like the type provided by your employer) be applied first before car insurance benefits can kick in.

  6. Who will pay for treatment if I was injured at work?

    The Workplace Safety Insurance Board is a government insurance program for workplace injuries.  Anyone who was injured at work must file a claim with the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB).  Once accepted, a claim number will be issued to you and treatment can be obtained at the clinic of your choice.


  7. I cannot afford treatment and don’t have any insurance coverage.  What can I do?

    CanadaPhysio is committed to work with each patient’s unique financial situation.  We also offer special rates for students and seniors.


  8. What form of payment does CanadaPhysio accept?

    CanadaPhysio accepts CASH, Cheques, VISA, Mastercard, Debit/Interac.

    Motor vehicle insurance companies and WSIB pay the clinic directly.

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