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CanadaPhysio Physiotherapists are licensed and experienced health care professionals who are instrumental in the promotion of health and rehabilitation from injury and disease. 

At CanadaPhysio, our Physiotherapists combine their extensive knowledge of body mechanics and function with the ability to apply safe and effective hands on treatment.

A Physiotherapist can help you with treatment for pain, injury, limitation of function as well as provide you with education with an emphasis on injury prevention.  Many of our clients seek out Physiotherapy as a means of maintaining health and wellness in the absence of obvious injury. Physiotherapy can help patients of all ages remain active, healthy and strong.

On your first visit with a CanadaPhysio therapist, you can expect the Physiotherapist to take a detailed medical and injury history, conduct an extensive examination and apply physical tests aimed at evaluating range of motion, flexibility and strength.  Your therapist will establish a diagnosis and create a personalized plan of action for your treatment.  Treatment objectives and goals are individually developed for your specific issues and you will begin the path to recovery!

Physiotherapy treatment can include:

  • A personalized program of care intended to improve strength, flexibility, and function
  • Massage, myofacial release, joint mobilization and manipulation
  • Education, strengthening and injury prevention
  • Application of heat or cold as well as a variety of modalities like Ultrasound, TENS, Shockwave, Laser, Interferential Current etc. to help with pain, swelling, reduced movement and function
  • Methods to assist with breathing difficulties
  • Functional ability tolerance, training and evaluation
  • Prescription and provision of assistive, supportive, adaptive or protective devices and equipment
  • Workplace and Occupational modification, evaluation and re-training
  • Pre-Surgical strengthening and Post Surgical rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation for Cardiac and Neurological incidents like heart attack, stroke, angina, and cerebral vascular incidents, and circulatory disorders
  • Prevention of complications from conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes and any other multi-system disorders.
  • Sports Injuries and damage from overuse, wear and tear.


About CanadaPhysio

CanadaPhysio is your one stop wellness centre. We are a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation centre with various locations throughout Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA, Whitby and London, Ontario. We specialize in comprehensive physical therapy programs which include or integrate Physiotherapy treatment provided by experienced and licenced health care professionals.


How to book an appointment

  • Phone: (Toll Free) 1-844 PHYSIO 1 (1-844-749-7461) or 416-572-1001 and you will be connected to a clinic near you. You will then speak with one of our attendants who will assess your needs and help you book an appointment that suits your schedule.
  • Walk-in: Patients are more than welcome to visit one of our many locations throughout Toronto, the GTA and London, Ontario, in person to book an appointment.
  • Email:
  • Live Chat: Call our toll free number at 1-844 PHYSIO 1 (1-844-749-7461) or 416-572-1001 and speak to one of our live attendants 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


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Covid-19 Update: We are OPEN to serve those who are in need of treatment. Please call 416 658 4401 for clinic visit instructions. Virtual Consultation Sessions also available.