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About Us

About CanadaPhysio

Don’t allow pain and injury to interfere with your enjoyment of life.  Every CanadaPhysio clinic provides you with prompt access to Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Chiropody, Acupuncture, Exercise Training/Conditioning and more.  Our integrated team approach to treatment provides effective, non-invasive, evidence based care for enhanced recovery from normal wear and tear, illness or injury.  Our therapists use a variety of manual and technology based therapies including Ultrasound, Class IV K-Laser, Shockwave treatment, Traction, and Spinal Decompression.  In addition to immediate access to an extensive roster of services, CanadaPhysio can also provide you with an impressive selection of Orthotic, Compression Garments, Footwear and Orthopaedic Bracing solutions.  

CanadaPhysio assesses your unique needs and guides you step by step so that you are able to achieve long term benefit.  If you have been in a car accident (MVA) and received sprains, strains, whiplash or even more serious injury, have been injured at work (WSIB) or are suffering from a repetitive strain injury or perhaps you have been hurt in a Slip and Fall, let our injury specialists help.  We create a treatment plan specifically designed to meet your needs and our team of doctors and therapists progress you until you have achieved maximum recovery.  Canadaphysio has extensive experience with all insurance protocols and treatment guidelines so that you can focus on getting better with fewer distractions.  Leading personal injury lawyers and insurance companies have recommended our clinics because of our proven record.  The simple truth is that we make you feel better.

If your goal is to improve flexibility, movement, and well being, you should consider CanadaPhysio’s  Strength and Fitness Training programs.  Each program is designed to enhance energy level, improve your stamina, endurance and achieve your weight loss or weight gain goals.

Proactive and forward thinking employers recommend our clinics to their staff. Our Occupational/Employer Wellness Programs improve company attendance and productivity, decrease illness and disability.  Our convenient locations, extended hours, same day appointments, and insurance plan coverage make CanadaPhysio the best choice for employers who really care about their staff.

At CanadaPhysio, our goal is to get you to start feeling stronger today with clinics across the Greater Toronto Area and now in London, Ontario also.

Let CanadaPhysio be Your One Stop Wellness Partner.

Why Choose Us? 

  1. Many Convenient locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area and 1 new location in London, Ontario.

    Our clinics are located in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Mississauga, Whitby, and we are growing!

    All the ways you can find a CanadaPhysio clinic near you:

    • Please click on 'Contact Us' for all of our locations and contact information
    • Call our Toll Free Number 1 844 PHYSIO 1 (1-844-749-7461)
    • Email:
  2. CanadaPhysio clinics are multi-disciplinary treatment centres.  Every clinic is staffed with highly experienced and professional Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Chiropodists, Acupuncturists, Registered Massage Therapists, Athletic & Exercise Therapists.
    • No Referral is required to be seen by any of our staff. 
    • Walk In patients are always welcome. 
    • No waiting lists.
    • Same day appointments are available.
    • Open extended hours and weekends.    
  3. We assist you by pre-screening and informing you of your insurance coverage eligibility before you begin treatment.  Every Insurance plan has different levels of coverage, qualification and eligibility.  Our helpful and friendly patient services staff will assist you in determining what services are available to you, coverage limits, rules of eligibility, renewal dates, documentation and receipt requirements.  We can assist you in determining who will pay for your treatment, and we can help you with your claim submission.  In the case of households with multiple plans, co-ordination of benefits provided by school insurance, work insurance and disability insurance, motor vehicle accident insurance can be confusing.  We will review your coverage eligibility with you so that you have a clear understanding of what treatment you can receive under your plan.  All our treatment centres are able to communicate with your insurer and submit direct billing online claims on your behalf.  Confusion about who will pay for your treatment need not be a barrier to receiving the care that you need.

  4. CanadaPhysio centres utilize the most up to date, effective technology to treat musculoskeletal disorders.  Our clinics offer Spinal Decompression, Shockwave, Class IV Cold Lasers, Traction along with traditional modalities like Ultrasound, IFC, Thermo/Cryo, TENS.  Our Gyms are fully equipped with Cardio, Resistance, Weight, Circuit and Proprioreception training apparatus.

  5. Our clinics enjoy the trust of a large network or family physicians, specialists, personal injury lawyers who refer their patients and clients to CanadaPhysio for treatment.  Our best referral sources are our current and past patients who recommend us to their friends and family over and over again.

  6. CanadaPhysio clinic staff are dedicated health professionals who are constantly updating and improving on their ability to provide the best patient care.
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Covid-19 Update: We are OPEN to serve those who are in need of treatment. Please call 416 658 4401 for clinic visit instructions. Virtual Consultation Sessions also available.