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Our Youth Fitness Programs Teach Kids How to Achieve their Fitness Goals Successfully

Children and teens benefit from improved physical fitness in countless ways.  Aside from the obvious health and energy benefits; higher self esteem and improved body image are key factors that enhance well being.

Childhood obesity and Diabetes is on the rise.  We complain that they seem fatigued and lack energy. Our kids spend more time indoors with technology and less time outdoors engaging in physical pursuits.  Parents are rightfully concerned for the health and well being of their children and teens.  So what can parents do to advance their children’s feelings of health and well being? A ban on fast food, WIFI and TV is neither realistic nor enforceable.  The solution must involve a plan that increases activity and exercise, since a ban on fast foods, WIFI and TV is neither realistic nor likely enforceable.  Increased physical activity and participation will in turn galvanize your child’s energy level which will be evident in both mind and body.

With our busy lives and schedules, organized physical activity outside of school hours can be a challenge for both parents and kids alike.  Enrolling your child in a fitness program may be the single most important thing you can do to kick start their physical participation. 

Only with high levels of physical activity during the day and sufficient sleep at night can we offset the high levels of sedentary activity that has become so prevalent. 

A healthy and developing child should spend the greater part of a 24 hour period as follows:

Sleep: 9-11 hours (ages 5-13)

          8-10 hours (ages 14-17)

          It should be noted that consistent sleep and wake times form part of the sleep benefit

Sweat: Moderate to vigorous physical activity for an accumulated 60 minutes     daily, 3-5 times weekly

           Primarily aerobic/cardiovascular activity which strengthens muscle and   bone

Step: Several hours of light physical activity should be inserted into daily life. These activities include walking, climbing and carrying

Sitting: Sedentary behaviour should be limited to no more than 2 hours daily and preferably not in one stretch

If you are concerned that your child or teen, is struggling with their weight, avoids physical activity altogether or is simply not active enough, you may wish to enroll them in a CanadaPhysio Fitness Program. 

CanadaPhysio Youth Fitness programs were specifically created to address the physical, dietary and motivational needs of the developing child/youth.  Highly trained and qualified Physiotherapists will evaluate the child/youth in order to obtain a detailed medical and fitness history, along with baseline measurements so that they can create a customized fitness program that will address specific needs and taking into consideration special needs, considerations and obstacles.

Our Physiotherapists aim to instill an appreciation for a healthy and active lifestyle.  If required, nutritional counselling is provided by Registered Dietitians in our clinics, which is yet another benefit of the multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare provided by CanadaPhysio clinics. 

Our Youth Fitness Programs are designed and delivered by Physiotherapists who are exceptionally knowledgeable about the developing anatomy and individual fitness needs of various body types, and can create a fitness program centered about the child/youths abilities, needs and goals.  Most programs will involve a circuit based training program that is gradually introduced at our fully equipped and supervised on site clinic gyms.  This personalized program is designed to be stepped up in intensity when achievable goals are met. The child/youth is also instructed on how to apply their program to their home and daily life environment.  Increased fitness is incorporated into their lifestyle, not just at the gym!

Healthy body image, improved self-esteem, healthier lifestyle and increased energy are achievable goals.  Don’t miss this opportunity to set your child up to succeed.  Speak to our front desk staff who will advise you of funding opportunities provided by your extended health benefits plan for this type of program and who can also provide parents with receipts for recreational exercise program tax credits for children enrolled in Youth Fitness programs.

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