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Sciatica and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you are probably going through one of the most joyous and physically trying periods of your life. Aside from adapting to your new shape and increasingly limited mobility, you might also be prone to experiencing excruciating sciatica pain. Consider yourself fortunate if you have evaded this type of agonizing, shooting pain up to now. But what can you do if pregnancy causes compression of your sciatic nerve and you are advised to stay away from anti-inflammatory and pain killing medications? Well, your help may be in your nearest rehabilitation clinic and forget everything you may have heard about chiropractors and pregnancy not working well together.

Sciatica pain in pregnancy is very common and is often caused by spinal and pelvic misalignment that creates an imbalance in the surrounding ligaments and muscles. The Sciatic nerve is the largest in the body. It starts in your lower back, extends down to your buttocks and from there branches out down the legs towards the feet. Sciatic pain can manifest in a variety of ways: numbness, tingling and even a severe, sharp, shooting pain. Your chiropractor is specially trained to treat mothers-to be and can provide you with safe, much needed relief.  The Webster method is a treatment protocol specifically developed for pregnant women aimed at restoring pelvic balance.  This treatment method improves comfort level throughout the pregnancy, takes pressure away from the sciatic nerve and aids the body in preparation for a safe and healthy delivery.  Your chiropractor is trained to perform this gentle adjustment which is safe for both you and for your baby.  Did you know that attending for treatment at a rehabilitation clinic can also be beneficial for your little bundle of joy? Correct uteral positioning is crucial for the healthy development of your baby’s spine and nervous system and assists in delivery by helping the baby move into the right birthing position.  This preparation goes a long way towards a successful, healthy birth experience and will hopefully decrease the need for medical and surgical interventions during delivery.  Your chiropractor can also give you helpful and valuable advice on how to prevent persistent back pain which is so typical in pregnancy.

The Answer to Pregnancy Aches is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can also be a great help in getting you through your pregnancy ache and back pain free. A Physiotherapy clinic can provide you with a pre-natal exercise routine aimed at preventing pain and serious injury and will keep you in shape while assisting in the prevention of sciatica. A licenced physiotherapist is trained to monitor your exercise routine to ensure the safety and the effectiveness of the program. You can experience the best of all therapeutic worlds when you combine services at a multidisciplinary physiotherapyclinic.Your Chiropractor and Physiotherapist will together develop an outstanding care regimen with the goal of making sure that your pregnancy remains healthy, comfortable and enjoyable as you wait for baby to arrive with excitement filled anticipation.

How to Deal with or Prevent Sciatic Pain in Between Visits to your Physiotherapist

  • Apply a hot compress (this can be a warm towel) to the spot where you are feeling the pain.
  • Add Pelvic tilts to the exercise routine developed by your therapist.  It can prevent sciatic nerve inflammation and will strengthen your muscles.
  • Acupuncture and prenatal massage can do wonders for relieving the back pain and can also be done before or after your visits to your chiropractor or/and your physiotherapist at your multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic.
  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Your spine and back ligaments also need rest in order to support your growing belly.
  • Being in water can relieve the pressure from your spine. Aquatherapy and simply swimming can be very beneficial in preventing sciatic pain.
  • Lie on the side that is pain-free. This may help to relieve the pressure from the nerve.
  • Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time and if you find that standing is unavoidable prop up or rest one leg up at a time.
  • Avoid heavy lifting. Your healthcare provider will advise you on healthy limits and activities that need modification or avoidance.

It is critical to benefit from the experience of CanadaPhysio’s multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic health team at this important time of you and your growing family’s life. Make sure that your Rehabilitation Clinic service provider understands your concerns and answers all your questions. They are there to guide and treat you, and to make your pregnancy as easy, as enjoyable and as healthy as it can be, preparing you for the healthy and a joyful arrival of your baby.  Visit us at any of our locations across Ontario, in Toronto, Scarborough, Whitby, Mississauga and London.

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